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Learning to drive a Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) has been the most rewarding career for millions of drivers over the years. Morrissey Elite Global Group offers a low-cost high quality training courses. Completing your training will enable you to drive a full range of large vehicles.

What is CPC?

The Driver CPC (which stands for driver certificate of professional competence) is a qualification required by anyone wanting to drive a HGV, Bus or Coach professionally.

CPC Course Available

  • Drivers CPC initial Qualification

    • If you have passed your car test before Jan 1997 and have ‘Grandfather’ rights for a C1 vehicle, you DON’T need to do this. If you have passed your category C1, C OR C+E test before Sep 2009, you DON’T need to do this. You will only need your Periodic CPC Training.
    • EVERYONE else WILL need CPC Initial Qualification. The initial CPC is for new drivers learning this professional skill. This consists of 2 modules.
    • Module 2– This is a Theory based case study test which you must be passed before moving onto Module 4. Module 2 is done at a government test centre. When you book module 2 we will arrange you test at a test centre of your choice, we will also provide you  with resources to help you prepare for your test. Module 2 test can take up to 4 hours.
    • Module 4– The Driver CPC Module 4 is the ‘Demonstration test’ or Practical part of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.  During the test you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability. Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use. Once you have passed your module 2, call us to book your module 4. Module 4 is a one day training, you will complete your module 4 by the end of the day. Once you pass module 4 you can start driving. Your Driver Qualification Card will come in the post usually within 10 working days


  • Periodic CPC Training

    • Driver CPC Periodic Training follows Initial Driver CPC Training and is for existing, qualified professional LGV drivers. It is legally required Continued Professional Development (CPD), that was introduced in 2008. To retain the DQC or Driver CPC Card after initial training, every LGV driver must complete 35 hours of Driver CPC Training over a five-year cycle.Consists of 35 Hours classroom retraining every 5 years (7 hours per day).

Please call to discuss your individual requirements and get friendly advice. If you are new to the industry, or a seasoned driver we want to hear from you!