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D4 Medical


The law requires HGV drivers to be in reasonably good health in order to legally operate commercial vehicles on public roads. To that end, every new driver must undergo an HGV medical exam with accompanying paperwork (D4) that is submitted to the DVLA by the physician who performs the examination. Drivers are required to undergo a new medical exam every time their licence comes up for renewal. It is the same exam whether you wish to drive a lorry or a bus. The most important fact to know is that a Doctor cannot assess whether you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle, they simply complete the D4 medical examination form. The DVLA makes the decision on whether you are fit to drive.

LGV Training


LGV refresher training is ideal for new and existing LGV licence holders. Our aim is to teach you the skills needed to advance your career in LGV haulage.

Training can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements, common days training can involve:

  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Walkaround Checks
  • Practising manoeuvring forward and reversing